Fondazione Prada

16 Sep – 10 Oct 2022

The exhibition will be held in the Podium, the space at the center of Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue. Conceived by the New York studio 2×4, the exhibition design will be divided into different sections supervised by the research centers, and a common central area that will encourage dialogue and exchanges between the thirteen institutes.

Each section will examine a specific research process on neurodegenerative diseases employing video presentations, technological objects and instruments, scientific documents, and visual materials. The exhibition aims to explore the complexity of scientific research by retracing the stages from identifying therapeutic targets to the different phases in the validation of new therapies to the availability of a drug for the patient. Special attention will be given to personalized medicine, a new approach that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual and treats the person suffering from a disease rather than a disease manifested in a person, thus optimizing the use of drugs and the treatment monitoring.