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“Human Brains: Conversations” is the second chapter of the project. Presented from September 2021 to April 2022, it consists of 7 pairs of video interventions given by international scientists, philosophers and researchers followed by 7 online conversations involving forms of interaction with the remote audience. “Conversations” is presented as an open platform for experimenting inclusive modes of exchange between scientists and scholars from different fields and a wide community of students, researchers, and individuals interested in neurosciences and brain studies in general.

Each conversation consisted of speeches by the two experts introducing their research on a specific topic, followed by a 40-minute online debate in which the researchers dialogue with each other via live streaming, coordinated by a moderator.


#7 History of Modern Philosophy

#6 Relationship Between Science, Biological Evolution and Philosophy

Alice Roberts


Simona Ginsburg

Animal consciousness: a biological and evolutionary approach

Eva Jablonka

Learning and the origins of consciousness

#5 Enhancing Brain Plasticity with Neuromodulation

Alice Roberts


Jeffrey A. Kleim

Brain adaptation: Neural Plasticity, Neuromodulation and Genetics

Alvaro Pascual-Leone

A healthy brain is a plastic brain

#4 Language, Music and the Brain

Alice Roberts


Steven Mithen

Music, language & the brain the past and present

Stefan Koelsch

Music, Language & the brain

#3 Advantage/Disadvantage of Having a Bilingual Brain

Alice Roberts


Ellen Bialystok

Protective Effects of Bilingualism on Aging Brains

Jason Rothman

Contextualizing Bilingualism: Focus on Mind and Brain

#2 Hemispheric Lateralization and Attentional Mechanisms

Alice Roberts


Guido Gainotti

Clinical aspects and theoretical implications

Paolo Bartolomeo

How to Pay Attention with an Asymmetrical Brain

#1 Syntax as the fingerprint of human language

Alice Roberts


Angela D. Friederici

The Neural Basis of Syntax

Robert C. Berwick

The Core Language Computations