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Simona Ginsburg

Simona Ginsburg is Associate Professor of The Open University of Israel (OUI), in which she taught Biology and Philosophy of Science until 2014. At the OUI she also developed and headed the MA Biological Thought Program, consisting of the combination of theoretical biology, bioethics, and philosophy of biology. She holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry (Technion, Israel) and a D.Phil. in Physiological Sciences (Oxford University).

Her past research interests were artificial membranes as models for biological membranes, the neurobiology of synapses, including their chemical and physiological properties, and the stochastic behavior of ion channels in biological membranes. Her more recent interests are the evolution of early nervous systems, evolutionary transitions in learning and cognition, and the origin of consciousness in the animal world. Her book The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul (MIT Press, with Eva Jablonka) was published in 2019. Another book (also with Eva Jablonka, MIT Press) is due to be published in 2022: Picturing the Mind: Consciousness through the Lens of Evolution.