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“Human Brains” is the result of an in-depth research process undertaken by Fondazione Prada in 2018 in the field of neuroscience. The project has been driven by a deep interest to understand the human brain, the complexity of its functions, and its centrality to human history.

After the latest chapter of the project—the “Preserving the Brain” neurodegenerative diseases forum held in 2022–2023 in Milan and Shanghai in collaboration with 13 leading neuroscience institutes from some of the most prestigious universities around the world—“Human Brains” now turns its attention to the importance of prevention and early intervention for neurodegenerative diseases.

There are a number of recognized modifiable risk factors for neurodegenerative diseases whose correction would have enormous personal and collective consequences. They include air and water quality, diet, physical and mental exercise, and sleep. In order to protect ourselves from the increasing spread of neurodegenerative diseases, it is thus necessary to act on modifiable risk factors, take care of the environment, promote educational activities, and involve all bodies of society and political institutions.
An international conference and scientific exhibition will be staged in Milan in autumn 2024, involving the foremost research centers, patient associations, and organizations in the field of brain health, as well as policymakers. Its main aims are to achieve productive discussion and dialogue among the various players to promote specific measures in the area of modifiable factors of neurodegenerative diseases, culminating in a veritable “call to action” capable of reaching a wide community.


The next phase of “Human Brains” will be anticipated by “2023 Joint Pre-ECTRIMS Course” a science event organized by Med-Ex Learning in collaboration with the European Charcot Foundation (ECF) and Fondazione Prada, as part of the “Human Brains” neuroscience project.

Aimed particularly at young neurologists with a specific interest in Multiple Sclerosis, the event will anticipate a larger international conference dedicated to the various aspects of the disease, from research to treatment: the “MSMilan2023: 9th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting,” which will be held in Milan from 11 to 13 October 2023.

The event will be held at Fondazione Prada Milan venue on Tuesday 10 October, it will take place in-person and can also be followed via live streaming by registering below.
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